Fareham Innovation Centre

In May 2015 Refunk'd was commission to create a coffee table using part of a Merlin spitfire engine. After sourcing the parts online they arrived like a pile of scrap at the workshop. The delivery driver was unconvinced when he was told the items on the pallet where soon to be a coffee table. The table itself is made from the crank case, one set of bores and liners and also two cylinder heads. Reclaimed metal was used to create legs and the frame. A lengthy hand cleaning of all parts and then spray painting to match the reception are colour scheme followed.

The table has been topped with toughened glass in order to show the piece in all its glory.

Merlin - Fareham Innovation Centre

Merlin - Fareham Innovation Centre

Merlin - Fareham Innovation Centre


In March 2013 we redesigned some identikit office reception area tables. These were completed for their Bracknell hub and added a bespoke feel to the office.


Based in Broadstone Mill in the heart of Stockport the innovation centre is situated on the third floor. Refunk'd was commissioned to design bespoke furniture for the lounge area. Having visited the mill I was able to create pieces with an edge that looked refined and yet industrial. Our doorble (a table made from a vintage door) was subsequently featured on Easy Living Magazine. Our vintage floor polisher lamp was retweeted by the Sunday Times Home section. The work stations created took heavy metal bars unearthed in the scrap yard and some scaffold boards and they were reworked into something bespoke yet substantial and elegant.


In November 2013 Refunk'd was commissioned to create some bespoke pieces for shops in the Middle East using vintage and retro furniture. All the furniture was painted and distressed to give an aged feel to it. In August 2014 JAWAD commissioned us again. May 2015 will see a third container of our furniture heading to the Middle East.